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At Home Dental Care Instructions

Veterinary Dentistry at Greentree Animal Hospital

To ensure your pet's oral health, it is recommended that you begin brushing with a toothbrush or finger brush and enzymatic toothpaste every 1-3 days. If your pet has had any extractions/oral surgery, please wait until after a 2 week recheck appointment. Offer canned food or softened kibble ONLY for the next two weeks until the doctor has confirmed that the mouth has healed properly. The evening following the dental procedure, offer half of their normal amount of food with small amounts of water. Resume normal feeding amount the next day.

It is normal for your pet to have a cough 24-48 hours after the dental procedure. This is caused by the endotracheal tube used to deliver oxygen and anesthesia. You may remove the bandage on the leg where the IV catheter was when you return home by simply pulling the tab. Contact any of the hospitals below, if you observe unexpected lethargy or decreased activity, decreased appetite, excessive or prolonged coughing, difficulty breathing, blood in stool, dark stools, vomiting or diarrhea, or any other abnormality you feel is not normal for your pet, including rubbing and/or pawing at the face and bleeding from the mouth. A small amount of blood-tinged saliva is normal 24-48 hours after oral surgery procedures.

Greentree Animal Hospital - (206) 932-5593
SVS Blue Pearl - Downtown Seattle, (206) 624-9111
SVS Blue Pearl - Renton, (425) 496-1000

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