Veterinary Assistants

Meet Jonni Veterinary Assistant


Jonni is most notable for completing each and every task with the utmost attention to accuracy and detail. Currently in school to become a licensed vet tech, she is also a mom to her husky and recently adopted kitten.

Meet Anna, Veterinary Assistant


Anna crosstrains at Greentree as both client service rep and vet assistant. She’s currently going to school to become a licensed vet tech; you can always rely on Anna when you need a helping hand or a cheering up.

Meet Nandi Veterinary Assistant


Prior to veterinary medicine, Nandi was working in human medicine before making the transition during the pandemic. She’s got one pup named Beau, who, “is the mostest perfectest little man” says Nandi.

Meet Craig Veterinary Assistant


Not only has Craig worked in veterinary medicine for 20 years, he also is an exceptional painter and martial artist. He and his wife have two cats, and a handful of reptiles- including scorpions and snakes.

Meet Natalie Veterinary Assistant


Natalie relocated from CA to WA during the pandemic, eager to share her positive morale and infectious laughs. With a full house of 5 pets(three dogs, two cats), Natalie enjoys hiking and riding her motorcycle around the coast during her spare time.

Meet Maria Veterinary Assistant


Starting out as a vet assistant with us in 2021, Maria is currently enrolled at St. George’s University to become a veterinarian. When she’s not working full-time at Greentree during her breaks from school, you will find her hanging out at Alki with friends or catching up on her movie watchlist.

Future Veterinarians


Meet Petter Veterinary Assistant and Student

Katie T.

Meet Katie Veterinary Assistant and Student